Full agenda for physical and mental health: From Tabata, fascia and belly-legs-bottom training to Back Fit, Qi Gong, Kung Fu or our “Fit for Office”-training – everyone will find their perfect workout.

Of course, we also provide effective personal trainings and professional nutrition counselling – for one or two persons. Have a small talk with our experienced coach and together, we tailor the perfect sport program during and beyond your stay.

Stay fit, never quit

Effective sport courses for everyone: If you want to improve your body fitness or fight against backache, you should have a look at our range of different sport and relaxation courses. The courses of our week plan are included in the room rate. Only if you want to book an individual training, an extra charge has to be paid (see the prices below).

Personal Training 60 Min. € 78,-

Individualized tailored training - starting with a prior talk, continuing with a workout that combines strength, endurance and agility, and ending with a follow-up discussion

Back Fit 30 Min. € 39,-

Individualized exercises to strengthen your back musculature for prevention and relief of backache

Stretching 30 Min. € 39,-

Individualized exercises to improve your agility, suppleness and physical condition – combined with a reduced risk of injuries

Tabata training 30 Min. € 39,-

Short but high intensity interval training with a combination of cardio and strength exercises

Fascia training 30 Min. € 39,-

Individualized exercises to strengthen fascia and therefore, to improve your body posture. In addition, tensions and pulled muscles will be prevented because of a higher elasticity of fascia

Belly-legs-bottom training 30 Min. € 39,-

effective workout to strengthen belly, legs and bottom

Qi Gong 60 Min. € 78,-

Ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises. It improves physical and mental relaxation

Kung Fu 60 Min. € 78,-

Chinese way of fighting in which people use only their bare hands and feet. It's abaout finding a balance between body, mind and soul

Fit for Office 1 Pers. € 169,-

Personal training (60 min.)
Fascia training (30 min.)
Intensive back massage (35 min.)

Private course room 60 Min. € 78,-

The active room is suitable for small, private training sessions

Prices are incl. 19% tax.

Our active rooms

Sport possibilities are distributed in the entire hotel and within the surrounding nature. The gym measures 80 square metres and is equipped with cardio and strength training machines. Moreover, there is are an active room of 53 square metres for personal trainings and weekly sport programs, and an inspiring room for individual coaching.

Opening hours:
Daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Get proactive and book!

It’s time for an effective workout: Get fit and register for sudorific sport classes.


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