The challenges for dogs on New Year's Eve: a stressful New Year's Eve for our faithful companions

The upcoming New Year's Eve, characterized by fireworks and loud bangs, poses an immense challenge for our beloved four-legged friends. Dogs have extremely sensitive hearing, which is many times more pronounced than human hearing. As a result, the loud noises produced by lit rockets and firecrackers are not only unpleasant for them, but downright frightening. Stress symptoms such as excessive trembling, panting and withdrawal can indicate deeper psychological stress.

There is also a risk of panicked flight reactions, which can lead to accidents or injuries. The intense flashes of light and noises can lead to anxiety and panic attacks, which can affect not only the well-being but also the physical health of the dog. In some cases, dogs develop long-term anxiety as a result of New Year's Eve stress, which can also affect other situations in everyday life. Therefore, as a responsible dog owner, it is very important to take appropriate measures to protect the health and well-being of our four-legged friends during this stressful time.

Firecracker-free New Year's Eve with a dog: dog-friendly alternatives for the turn of the year

For dog owners who want to protect their beloved four-legged friend from the hustle and bustle of New Year's Eve, there are various options far away from busy cities. The choice ranges from hotel-friendly airport locations or quiet, private accommodation in remote areas to secluded vacation apartments in the mountains. These places allow pets to experience the turn of the year in a relaxed environment. Here are some exemplary alternatives that prove to be dog-friendly and bang-free:

  • Airport hotels: opt for a hotel near the airport, where the noise from New Year's Eve fireworks is often lower.
  • Secluded vacation homes in the mountains: Rent a cozy vacation home in the mountains, far away from busy cities. Such places, such as chalets in the Alps in the middle of a snow-covered winter landscape, not only offer peace and quiet, but also spectacular views. This type of accommodation is also suitable for families with children.
  • Country hotels in rural regions: Look for typical country hotels in rural regions that are surrounded by nature. These often offer a quiet environment, ideal for dogs. Find out specifically whether the hotel offers a firecracker-free New Year's Eve.
  • Hotels by quiet lakes or the sea: Opt for hotels by quiet lakes or the sea, where the New Year is often celebrated in a more contemplative way.
  • Hotels in nature reserves: Many regions in Germany have now officially banned firecrackers in certain nature and conservation areas. Here, dog owners can enjoy the turn of the year in nature without having to worry about loud bangers. These regions include rural areas where the setting off of fireworks is prohibited.
  • Hotels in a secluded location: opt for hotels or vacation homes that are in a secluded location, away from neighbors and noise. Find out in advance whether a quiet New Year's Eve is planned. Our tip: the Hotel Bornmühle is a particularly dog-friendly location that impresses with a laser show at the turn of the year.

Dog-friendly New Year's Eve program

Experience an unforgettable, stress-free turn of the year with your loved one:

  • 5 nights incl. breakfast
  • 28.12.: Delicious 3-course menu
  • 29.12.: Kitchen party: Let our kitchen crew entertain you and experience culinary delights.
  • 30.12.: 4-course menu
  • 31.12.: New Year's Eve highlight - welcome cocktail, international buffet, DJ, various LASERSHOW interludes, sparkling wine to toast, traditional tombola, fiery goulash soup: Celebrate the turn of the year in an exuberant atmosphere with an impressive program.
  • 01.01.: Start the New Year with relaxation and culinary delights: hangover brunch followed by a mulled wine hike, coffee time at the bar and a 3-course menu in the evening
  • Incl. daily varying supporting program: Look forward to a variety of activities during your stay.


Firecracker-free New Year's Eve with a dog at the Baltic Sea

The picturesque backdrop of the Baltic Sea not only offers breathtaking scenery, but also numerous dog-friendly places for a relaxed New Year. The gentle waves of the sea, the salty sea air and the pristine beaches create an idyllic environment where dogs can experience the turn of the year without the stress of loud noises.

There are special dog beaches on the Baltic Sea where four-legged friends can run, play and splash around in the sea to their heart's content. These beaches are often located away from the hustle and bustle and therefore offer a quiet atmosphere for animals that are particularly sensitive to loud banging noises during New Year's Eve.

The Baltic Sea is also an ideal destination for a dog vacation, offering a variety of secluded bays and small fishing villages where people celebrate the turn of the year without loud bangs. Such places give dog owners the chance to spend New Year's Eve in a relaxed atmosphere while their dogs can enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Firecracker-free New Year's Eve with your dog at Hotel Bornmühle

The Hotel Bornmühle, which is located in the middle of the unspoiled nature of the Mecklenburg Lake District and directly on Lake Tollensesee, not only offers dog-friendly accommodation, but also a unique, firecracker-free alternative to traditional New Year's Eve fireworks. Instead of loud firecrackers, the hotel relies on a fascinating laser show that makes the turn of the year an unforgettable experience and guarantees relaxing days.

The colorful laser show on New Year's Eve at the Bornmühle is a spectacular display of light, colors and effects that transforms the sky into a breathtaking backdrop. The impressive play of laser beams, accompanied by appropriate music, creates a festive atmosphere without the nerve-racking noise of fireworks.

Another plus: fireworks are prohibited on the hotel grounds, which is a considerable relief for dogs who suffer from a fear of fireworks. Respect for nature and its inhabitants is a top priority and is what makes the Bornmühle one of the most popular, year-round vacation destinations with dogs in northern Germany.

There are also numerous hiking trails right by the lake and in the endless forests, where two- and four-legged friends can enjoy the untouched nature.

The Bornmühle also has a beautiful wellness area with a sauna landscape, which promises a relaxing break. For couples looking for romantic togetherness, there are also great, tailor-made offers to start the year with rest and relaxation. The ambience, the surroundings and the sustainable orientation of the hotel round off the overall package and make the Bornmühle an absolute insider tip for an unforgettable vacation with a dog.


  • What helps dogs when fireworks are used?

    Dogs can be helped during fireworks by creating a safe environment, distraction with toys or relaxing music.Special anti-anxiety products, such as Thundershirts, can also have a supportive effect.

  • Why are dogs so afraid of fireworks?

    Dogs have a hypersensitive hearing ability and loud noises from fireworks can be unpleasant and frightening for them.The sudden, loud bangs can cause stress and fear.

  • Is every dog afraid of fireworks?

    No, not every dog reacts the same way to fireworks.Some dogs show no signs of fear, while others react strongly. The reaction varies depending on the dog's individual sensitivity and experience.

  • How can I calm my dog on New Year's Eve?

    To calm a dog on New Year's Eve, it is important to create a safe place to retreat to, offer distraction through games and use calming products if necessary. Regular walks before the fireworks can also help.

  • Which household remedies calm dogs?

    Home remedies such as calming herbal teas, lavender scent, or special music for dogs can help to calm them down. However, it is advisable to consult your vet beforehand to ensure safety and effectiveness.

  • How do you calm an anxious dog?

    An anxious dog can be calmed by remaining calm, creating a safe place to retreat to, talking gently to the dog, providing distraction with toys and, if necessary, seeking professional help from a vet or trainer.

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