The coworking landscape in Germany

The coworking landscape is currently flourishing in Germany and more and more companies and freelancers are looking for flexible working solutions that go beyond traditional offices. Coworking spaces have become central to the New Work concept, promoting a flexible and collaborative working environment. Teams and individuals come together in these shared workspaces to exchange ideas and work together on projects. 

Another important aspect is sustainability, which many coworking spaces integrate into their concepts, be it through the use of environmentally friendly materials or the promotion of sustainable working methods. Thanks to the diversity and large number of coworking spaces, companies and freelancers in Germany have the opportunity to work in inspiring environments and put their ideas into practice.

Coworking spaces are particularly well represented in major German cities such as Berlin, but there are also numerous offers in other cities.

What makes a first-class coworking space?

A first-class coworking space must meet various criteria in order to meet the needs of its coworkers. These include modern office space with an appealing design, flexible workstations and a lively community of like-minded people. In addition, the best coworking spaces also offer networking events and workshops to encourage interaction between members. The technical and digital conditions should also be flawless so that online meetings and hybrid events, for example, can be held without disruption. 

Popular coworking providers in Germany

Among the many coworking providers in Germany, some have proven to be particularly popular and attractive. Institutions such as WeWork, Design Offices and PioneerLab stand for modern, professional working environments that are suitable for both start-ups and established companies. These providers offer a variety of workspaces and services, including conference rooms for meetings and workshops. 

We make work a new experience.

"The Bornmühle is the modern co-working hideaway for anyone who wants to take their business to a new level. We not only create an inspiring working atmosphere, but also offer relaxing wellness highlights and inspiring activity programs to strengthen the team spirit as the perfect balance."

Hotel Bornmühle

What makes the coworking space at Hotel Bornmühle unique?

Das Hotel Bornmühle, nördlich von Berlin in der Nähe von Neubrandenburg gelegen,  hebt sich als Coworking Space in Deutschland durch seine einzigartige Kombination aus Arbeits- und Erholungsmöglichkeiten hervor. Die Einrichtungen und Services sind auf die Bedürfnisse moderner Arbeitnehmer zugeschnitten und bieten eine ideale Umgebung für konzentriertes Arbeiten sowie für die Pflege von Netzwerken und Kontakten.

Facilities & Services

First-class facilities and services await you in the coworking space at Hotel Bornmühle to make your working day a pleasant one:
Ergonomic seating and flexible working options offer you the comfort you need for productive work. Choose between a high table for standing work, a group table for collaborative work or a separate private area for undisturbed work. You can even work on the balcony and enjoy the view of Lake Tollensesee and the surrounding nature, a highlight at any time of year.

The coworking space on the top floor not only offers an inspiring working environment, but also a breathtaking view of Lake Tollensesee and the surrounding nature. This backdrop makes working a special experience and lets you enjoy nature right on your doorstep.

As an in-house guest, you can use the coworking space around the clock and without closing times, allowing you to organize your working hours flexibly. The high-speed WiFi ensures that you are always connected to the world and can work productively. A specialty coffee service is also available on request so that you can enjoy your work with a delicious drink.

The interplay of work and relaxation: the advantages of the Bornmühle

At Hotel Bornmühle, the focus is not only on work, but also on the well-being and relaxation of guests. In addition to the coworking space, the hotel offers a variety of facilities and activities to relax body and mind at the same time:
The wellness area invites you to relax with saunas and a saltwater pool. Here you can leave your stressful working day behind and recharge your batteries.

For additional relaxation, you can book a massage and be pampered by experienced therapists. The range of massages extends from classic treatments to special wellness packages.

The fitness room is open to all guests who want to stay active during their business trip. Here you can work out with individual workouts or take part in organized sports courses.

The surrounding nature offers a variety of opportunities to clear your head and find new inspiration. Whether running, cycling or swimming in the lake, here you can spend your free time actively and experience the beauty of nature.

The regional cuisine of the Hotel Bornmühle takes care of your physical well-being. Enjoy delicious dishes made from fresh ingredients and discover the diversity of regional cuisine. The restaurant and lakeside terrace provide the perfect setting for enjoyable meals.

The offer is rounded off by a bar with a selection of refreshing cocktails and other drinks. Here you can end the working day in a relaxed atmosphere and network with other guests.

Unconventional work atmosphere at the Bornmühle

In the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District on the shores of Lake Tollsensee, a unique work location awaits you with impressive features:

  • Breathtaking view over Lake Tollensesee and the surrounding forests
  • Balcony with lounge seating
  • State-of-the-art technology and high-speed WiFi
  • Different workstations
  • Opening hours 24/7

Combine a business trip with a leisure trip and experience how your productivity and creativity reach a new level in our coworking space.




Overall, the coworking landscape in Germany offers a wide range of opportunities for companies and freelancers to work in inspiring and flexible working environments. The focus is on community, flexibility and innovation. Hotel Bornmühle stands out as an outstanding coworking space that offers a perfect symbiosis of work and relaxation. With its modern facilities, breathtaking views of Lake Tollensesee and the surrounding nature, as well as a wide range of wellness and leisure options, Hotel Bornmühle is the ideal place for companies and individuals to create their working environment. Whether for your own company, a team or an individual request - Hotel Bornmühle offers the right space for productive work and joint networking. 


  • How does a coworking space work?

    A coworking space is a shared workspace that is used by different people who work independently of each other but still want to benefit from the office community and shared resources. You can either rent a desk in a coworking space permanently or book it flexibly as required. These spaces often offer various work areas, conference rooms, lounges and other facilities that make working more pleasant.

  • What does coworking mean?

    Coworking refers to the practice of using a shared workspace with other people instead of working alone. It is about creating a community of like-minded people who can support and learn from each other. Coworking spaces offer a flexible working environment that allows users to choose their workspace according to their needs and network with other coworkers.

  • For whom is a coworking space suitable?

    Coworking spaces are suitable for a wide range of people, including freelancers, start-ups, small businesses, but also established companies looking for more flexible working options. Even for people working from home, a coworking space offers an ideal solution to isolate yourself from other people and work in a professional environment.

  • Who pays for the coworking space?

    The cost of a workspace can vary depending on the provider and location. As a rule, coworking spaces offer various membership models that depend on the frequency of use and the services booked. Payment can be made per month or as required. Some employers also pay for their employees to use a coworking space as a workplace.

Successful in a modern working atmosphere

Make your business a success: the unique working atmosphere in the Bornmühle coworking space will boost your performance many times over.



Hotel Bornmühle

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