The importance of wellness

In our hectic and stressful world, it is essential to understand the meaning of wellness. This word goes far beyond the mere concept of relaxation. Wellness means consciously taking care of your body and mind, and finding the balance between relaxation and health. A spa holiday offers you the opportunity to leave stress and daily pressures behind and reconnect with your inner self.

The idea of wellness covers many aspects of life, from physical health and mental relaxation to spiritual balance. In a wellness hotel, you can take advantage of a variety of wellness offers, ranging from massages and spa treatments to yoga weekends, sauna and steam bath visits or whirlpool relaxation. These offers are designed to harmonise body and mind and give you the opportunity to leave your everyday life behind.

Wellness trends in German hotels

Wellness offerings are on the rise in German hotels, bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the world of rest and relaxation. The country's wellness hotels are striving to meet the needs of guests and are embracing progressive wellness trends to offer an unparalleled experience.

One trend that is emerging in German wellness hotels is the combination of health and sustainability. Guests are looking for wellness offers that not only serve their well-being, but also respect the environment. Sustainable wellness offers that incorporate environmentally friendly materials and practices are becoming increasingly common. Care is taken to ensure that not only the body, but also nature and the environment remain in balance.

The digital detox trend is another noteworthy aspect. In a world characterized by constant connectivity and digital distraction, guests are increasingly looking for hotels that offer a true retreat. Hotel Bornmühle, for example, places great emphasis on creating an atmosphere where you can put your electronic devices aside and focus on your own relaxation. Nature, the beauty of the surroundings and the distinct service concept serve as a distraction from the digital world.

Health and fitness are also very important in German wellness hotels. In addition to classic wellness treatments, more and more sports hotels are being established that offer a wide range of sporting activities. Yoga vacations, Pilates, cycling and hiking are just some of the ways to keep body and mind in shape. Wellness offers are no longer limited to massages and saunas, but offer a variety of activities for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Wellness cuisine has also taken on an important role in German wellness hotels. Healthy eating is not only part of the wellness offer, but also a lifestyle. In many hotels, including the Bornmühle, great importance is attached to a healthy, balanced diet. Fresh, high-quality food is processed into delicious dishes that not only delight the palate but also promote health. Regional and seasonal foods are of great importance here in order to minimize environmental impact and maximize taste.

Another wellness trend that is on the rise in German hotels is beauty treatments. Beauty treatments are not just limited to women. More and more men are recognizing the benefits of skin care and beauty treatments to help maintain a fresh and well-groomed appearance. Facials, manicures and pedicures are no longer just for women, but are part of the standard offer in many wellness hotels.

Wellness vacations in Germany: discover the top travel destinations

When it comes to a relaxing wellness vacation in Germany, you can choose from a wealth of fascinating destinations that promise you relaxation and recreation in the midst of breathtaking nature. These regions offer a wide range of relaxing wellness offers that will help you forget the stress of everyday life and bring your body and mind into harmony. Here are some popular regions for your wellness vacation:

  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: This region is known for its untouched nature - the picturesque lakes, the magical forests and the endless sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea. Here you can relax in the midst of an idyllic landscape and enjoy slowing down. You can find out more about this topic in the blog article 'wellness hotel Mecklenburg-Vorpommern'.
  • Schleswig-Holstein: The choice is yours - both the German Baltic Sea and North Sea coasts offer a breathtaking backdrop for your wellness vacation. There are wellness hotels here that offer a variety of spa treatments, sauna facilities and yoga and meditation sessions.
  • Bavaria: Southern Bavaria not only offers impressive mountains, but also a large number of award-winning wellness hotels. Some hotels also advertise access to nearby thermal spas
  • Saxony: This region is characterized by its historic cities and beautiful landscapes.
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg: This region is not only known for its cultural sights, but also for its first-class wellness hotels. Here you can find wellness offers in sports hotels that offer a wide variety of activities.
  • Thuringia: The green forests and picturesque landscapes of Thuringia are the ideal place to unwind.

These regions in Germany offer everything you need for an unforgettable wellness vacation. You can enjoy nature, be pampered from head to toe and spend relaxing days in top wellness hotels.

Bornmühle: Yoga & Wellness - Treat yourself to some time out!

Take full advantage of relaxation and experience a combination of restorative wellness time and exciting activity courses:

  • 1,000m² wellness area with sauna landscape, saltwater pool and relaxation rooms
  • Variety of revitalizing wellness treatments
  • Daily sports & relaxation classes, such as yoga, meditation, Qi-Gong or Tabata training
  • Regular retreats
  • Award-winning restaurant with products from regional producers
  • ... and much more ...

Christian Springer, Spa-Manager

Offers & Retreats

The most beautiful hotels with wellness in Germany

Germany is home to a variety of outstanding wellness hotels that cover every aspect of your wellness vacation. One of these remarkable wellness hotels that we would like to highlight is the Bornmühle. The family-run hotel is located in the Mecklenburg Lake District, a region known for its unspoiled nature, thousands of lakes and picturesque scenery. It offers its guests a wealth of special wellness facilities and combines high quality with an idyllic location.

The spacious rooms at Hotel Bornmühle are the perfect place to relax. The wellness areas offer massages with different focuses, saunas, relaxation rooms and a saltwater pool to refresh body and mind. You can also attend yoga and mediation classes or take part in retreats to find your inner peace. Whether you are traveling alone, with your partner or your family, the Hotel Bornmühle has something for everyone.

Other wellness hotel recommendations with a special character are listed below:

  • Hotel Neptun, Rügen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: Located directly on the Baltic Sea, Hotel Neptun is a first-class wellness hotel. Here you can enjoy massages, saunas and steam baths and then relax on the beach
  • BollAnt's im Park, Rhineland-Palatinate: This charming hotel is surrounded by an extensive park and offers a wide range of wellness facilities.
  • Schlosshotel Kronberg, Hesse: This castle hotel not only offers a stylish ambience, but also excellent wellness facilities. Relax in the spa areas and enjoy the peace and beauty of the castle park.
  • Weitblick Allgäu, Bavaria: Located in the middle of the idyllic Allgäu countryside, this hotel offers breathtaking views of the Alps. You can pamper yourself in the spa area and then relax in one of the infinity pools.

Wellness hotels for couples: romantic time out for two

A wellness vacation is not just for individuals. On the contrary, it offers an ideal opportunity for couples to enjoy a romantic break for two. The Bornmühle creates the perfect environment for lovers. The romantic location and the variety of wellness offers provide the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable short break for two.

The Hotel Bornmühle offers a wide range of services for couples. You can enjoy relaxing massages and baths together, seek togetherness in our comfortable rooms, enjoy the wellness kitchens over a romantic dinner or enjoy nature on a romantic walk.

Wellness vacation with the family

A wellness vacation doesn't have to be limited to adults. In fact, there are many wellness hotels that offer wellness services and activities specifically tailored to families. This allows parents to relax while the children play in a safe and fun environment.

There are often a variety of activities and childcare options for the little ones. In a wellness hotel, they can play in specially designed playrooms or take part in child-friendly wellness courses. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy the spa areas in peace and quiet and pamper themselves with massages, sauna visits or relaxation in the whirlpool.

Wellness cuisine: healthy eating on vacation

Nutrition is an important aspect of a wellness vacation. At the Bornmühle, you can look forward to healthy wellness cuisine that gives your body the energy it needs. You can enjoy fresh, high-quality food that is good for your body and promotes your health.

Wellness dreams come true!

"In our wonderful Nature Spa at the Bornmühle wellness and activity hotel, everything revolves around unique pampering for body, mind and soul. Precisely tailored to the personal needs of each individual and in harmony with nature. Those who immerse themselves here can draw on the fullest when it comes to relaxation."


Christian Springer, Spa-Manager


Discover the Nature Spa

Planning and booking tips for the perfect wellness vacation

If you decide to book a wellness vacation, there are a few things you should consider. Choosing the right hotel and the right treatments is crucial. Most spa hotels offer a wide range of treatments, from massages and facials to wraps and baths. Before you book a treatment, get advice from the spa team based on your physical condition.

It is also advisable to book your spa massages before you arrive, as the shortage of specialists means that therapists in spa hotels are quickly booked up. On weekends and public holidays in particular, it is often difficult to get a free treatment at short notice.

If you have any intolerances or allergies, let the hotel know in good time before your arrival. It is also advisable to inform the hotel in advance of your dietary preferences (vegan, vegetarian) to avoid stressful situations at the hotel.

Wellness vacation at the best price: offers and discounts

Wellness vacations can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. Planning carefully in advance and taking advantage of offers and discounts can make your spa break more affordable. Look for offers and last-minute deals to make the most of your budget.

Booking directly through the hotel is often cheaper than booking through a portal. Cancellation policies are also fairer and the hotel is able to act more quickly in the event of inconsistencies without a third-party provider.

It can also be worth comparing prices according to the time of year and days of the week. Especially in the low season and during the week, wellness hotels often offer lower rates and promotions, such as 4=3 or similar. Overnight specials. Be sure to check the guidelines and cancellation conditions for these offers, as they often differ from the standard overnight rate.

It is also worth taking a look at the packages: sometimes the package prices are cheaper than a booking consisting of individually put together modules. However, promotions can also mean that a room booking with specially selected additional services is cheaper. It is always advisable to compare prices on the hotel's booking page.

Conclusion: pure relaxation at the Bornmühle

A wellness vacation is an investment in your health and well-being. You deserve to take time for relaxation and recuperation. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in particular has a wide range of wellness offers that vary from region to region. You can read more about this in the blog article "Wellness in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern".

The Bornmühle in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District is an excellent example of a wellness hotel that offers you an unforgettable time of rest and relaxation. Whether you are looking for a romantic break for two, a family vacation or simply a break from everyday life.


  • What does wellness in a hotel mean?

    Wellness in hotels refers to the comprehensive range of health and relaxation services that hotels offer their guests. It encompasses all aspects that help to nurture the body and mind and provide a sense of relaxation and recuperation. This includes various wellness services such as massages, yoga classes, saunas, spa treatments and healthy eating options. Wellness hotels are designed to offer guests a place of rest and relaxation where they can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and restore their health.

  • How healthy is wellness?

    Wellness is a holistic approach to health that aims to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. It includes activities that aim to strengthen the body, reduce stress and create a balance between mind and body. The health benefits of wellness include stress reduction, improved physical fitness, increased well-being, better sleep and a strengthened immune system. A regular wellness vacation can help improve overall well-being and have a lasting positive effect on health.

  • What is wellness all about?

    Wellness is a comprehensive concept that encompasses various aspects of well-being. It includes not only physical aspects such as regular exercise and healthy eating, but also mental aspects such as stress management and relaxation techniques. A holistic approach to wellness also includes activities to promote mental clarity, emotional stability and social connection. These include yoga, meditation, massages, healthy eating, regular physical activity, mental challenges, adequate sleep and social interaction. A wellness program should promote a healthy lifestyle and support individual health on multiple levels.

Top rating from Wellness Heaven!

With an outstanding rating of 9.18 from Wellness Heaven, the Bornmühle stands out as one of the absolute top wellness hotels in northern Germany. Treat yourself to some time out and stop by!


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