The best insider tips for a vacation for two in Germany

Germany offers a wealth of romantic vacation destinations for couples in love. Whether you want to explore a capital city or prefer untouched nature, there are numerous opportunities to experience romantic togetherness. The insider tips range from picturesque city breaks to dreamy country trips. Here are some real insider tips that promise unforgettable experiences for couples in love:

  • Mecklenburg Lake District: this region in the north-east of Germany, also known as the "Land of a Thousand Lakes", is a real insider tip for couples who want to enjoy the tranquillity of nature and romantic boat trips. The lakes offer a beautiful backdrop for romantic walks along the water and hidden spots for undisturbed hours for two. The lake district is perfect for a swimming vacation in summer and a great wellness vacation during the cold season.

The Hotel Bornmühle is an excellent choice: nestled in a dreamlike landscape, the lifestyle hotel offers stylish rooms and a wellness area that leaves nothing to be desired. Its close proximity to Lake Tollensesee allows for romantic boat trips and walks along the water, while the 4-star superior hotel itself scores with excellent service, an idyllic atmosphere and a diverse wellness, sports and culinary area.

  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber: This medieval town in Bavaria transports couples back in time. The narrow alleyways, romantic half-timbered houses and historic town walls create a fairytale atmosphere. Here, couples in love can not only stroll through the winding alleyways, but also spend romantic evenings in one of the traditional restaurants.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle: A fairytale castle like something from another world, nestled in the Bavarian Alps. The sight of the castle is breathtaking and creates a romantic backdrop that promises unforgettable moments together. A walk through the surrounding forests and mountains also offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Lüneburg Heath: This picturesque region in Lower Saxony delights with endless heathland, romantic half-timbered houses and idyllic villages. The Lüneburg Heath is perfect for hiking and cycling amidst blooming landscapes. This little corner of the world also offers numerous cozy accommodations for a smaller travel budget.
  • Bamberg: The Franconian city of Bamberg is a real gem that is often overlooked. The historic old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts charming alleyways, medieval buildings and the picturesque River Regnitz. A stroll through the old town and a visit to one of the traditional beer gardens promise unforgettable moments for two.

Unforgettable romantic vacation for 2

Take time for togetherness and visit the Bornmühle, a wonderfully located wellness hotel in the middle of the unspoiled nature of the Mecklenburg Lake District:

  • Modern, naturally furnished rooms & suites with lake view
  • 1,000m² wellness area with sauna landscape, pool, sunbathing lawn & relaxation rooms
  • Daily sports & relaxation courses, such as yoga, meditation, Qi-Gong or Tabata training
  • High-quality Restaurant with products from regional producers
  • Great bar with a top selection of high-quality spirits

... and much more ...



Romantic vacation for two by the sea

A beautiful couple's vacation by the sea promises unforgettable experiences, whether it's a beach vacation in summer or a wellness-heavy winter vacation in the cold season. In Germany, the coasts of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea are popular vacation destinations for couples:

  • Romantic vacation on the Baltic Sea: an insider tip for couples in love is a romantic couples' vacation on the Baltic Sea, which beckons with endless sandy beaches and idyllic surroundings. Walks together along the coast, the sound of the waves in your ears and breathtaking sunsets provide the perfect backdrop for romantic hours for two. The Baltic Sea also offers countless romantic accommodations right by the water, from cozy beach houses to stylish hotels with a view of the sea.
  • Romantic vacation on the North Sea: The North Sea coast impresses with its vast landscapes and rugged charm. A romantic vacation for two on the North Sea offers not only extensive sandy beaches but also picturesque dune landscapes and charming coastal towns. Here, couples in love can not only enjoy the rugged atmosphere of the sea, but also stroll through historic harbor towns together. Another highlight of the North Sea is the opportunity to enjoy a variety of water sports and breathtaking boat trips to experience the vastness of the sea together.

Couple time in nature: country trips for lovers

For couples who appreciate the tranquillity of nature, trips to rural regions are ideal. Hiking and cycling through unspoiled landscapes, swimming in crystal-clear lakes and cozy accommodation far away from the hustle and bustle invite you to spend peaceful days and evenings with your partner. The romantic insider tips for country trips take you to dreamy villages, idyllic lakes and impressive sights.

The Mecklenburg Lake District, also known as the "Land of a Thousand Lakes", presents itself as a true paradise for couples in love looking for a romantic break in idyllic surroundings. The region not only offers untouched nature with crystal-clear lakes, but also romantic villages that are located away from the big cities and are perfect for a romantic getaway for two.

Within easy reach of Berlin, the Hotel Bornmühle is located in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District and promises pure romance!

Wellness dreams come true here!

"In our wonderful Nature Spa at the Bornmühle wellness and activity hotel, everything revolves around unique pampering for body, mind and soul. Precisely tailored to the personal needs of each individual and in harmony with nature. Those who immerse themselves here can draw on the fullest when it comes to relaxation."

Christian Springer, Spa Manager



Destinations for young couples - romantic vacations for two

Young couples often look for dynamic and exciting vacation destinations that promise action as well as romance. Large cities with their colorful hustle and bustle, exciting activities and numerous restaurants and bars can offer just that.

However, there is a risk that the focus is not on your partner, but on the hustle and bustle around you. Young lovers can also find fantastic destinations away from the bustling cities. Hotel Bornmühle, for example, offers an activity-packed program: from daily sports and relaxation courses or joint climbing and adventurous bike routes to culinary tastings and romantic candlelight dinners. Plan a long weekend and spend the night in our beautiful guest rooms.

Relaxation and wellness for couples

Sometimes every relationship needs time out to relax and rejuvenate. A wellness vacation for two offers the perfect opportunity to unwind together. At the Wellnesshotel Bornmühle, you can unwind, enjoy treatments together and completely surrender to relaxation. If a special occasion is the reason for your trip to the Mecklenburg Lake District, you can surprise your partner with rose petals, chocolates and champagne. The evening is rounded off with a delicious menu and great cocktails from the bar. What more could you want?

Tips for special surprises during the trip

Small surprises and special gestures are important to intensify the romantic atmosphere during a couple's vacation. Whether it's a candlelit dinner together, a boat trip at sunset or a bottle of champagne with homemade chocolates on the balcony of the suite - the special things for two make all the difference and create unforgettable memories. You shouldn't save money on the person you love with all your heart!


Whether you discover the romantic insider tips in Germany or on the coasts, the focus is on quiet togetherness during a couples' vacation. The variety of romantic places and the numerous possibilities offered by the destinations make a romantic vacation in Germany an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your time together, discover new worlds and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Frequently asked questions about "Holidays for two"

  • What is a couple's vacation?

    A couple's vacation is a trip designed especially for couples to strengthen their togetherness and create shared experiences. This romantic vacation offers the opportunity to get away from it all, discover a new place and deepen your relationship. A couple's vacation includes romantic activities, joint excursions and special offers aimed at intensifying the romantic connection.

  • Where can you go on vacation with your girlfriend?

    There are numerous romantic destinations that are ideal for a couple's vacation with your girlfriend Insider tips for such time-outs for two can often be found off the beaten tourist track. For example, beautiful vacation spots such as the Mecklenburg Lake District, the North Sea or the Lüneburg Heath in Germany offer a romantic backdrop for unforgettable experiences together.

  • Can a joint vacation save the relationship?

    A vacation together can have a positive effect on a relationship, especially if you consciously spend time with your better half and get involved in the romantic atmosphere. A vacation is an opportunity to get away from the stresses of everyday life, gain new perspectives and create memories together. It is important to take time to talk and do activities together to strengthen the relationship and recharge your batteries.

  • Is vacation good for your relationship?

    Yes, vacations can be extremely positive for a relationship. Time away together allows couples to focus on each other, away from the stresses and routines of everyday life. New environments and experiences create the opportunity to reconnect, discover common interests and revitalize the romance in the relationship. However, it is important to plan the vacation consciously and consider your partner's needs to ensure a positive experience.

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