A magnet for cocktail lovers: Our stylish #Bornbar next to our restaurant offers a large selection of high-quality spirits and creations. This bar is also known for numerous of delightful Gins and suitable Tonic Waters. And in order to identify the Gin that fits your taste best, you can sniff at various herbs and dried fruits – as a consequence, our barkeeper will prepare an individualized creation of Gin and Tonic Water.

In case you prefer freshly-made and extraordinary cocktails, you are also at the right place – our imaginative Signature Cocktails will delight you. Furthermore, we realize a tasting event each Friday – from gin and whiskey to wine and beer. Enjoy your drink within a casual atmosphere while listening to chilled beats and warm yourself up at the fireplace.

An evolution through revolution.

Continuous development through revolutionary steps – that is our credo for #Bornbar. We turn our backs on traditional cocktails in order to create something new. However, classical drinks represent the basic framework for progress. The #Bornbar specialties are usually innovative creations with whiskey or gin. This bar is also a spot for random encounters: several couples got to know here and started to love each other – which is no surprise. Because love of life and calmness have the highest priority (natural). We prepare cocktails according to your desires (individual) and use seasonal, organic ingredients (authentic). Your drink will have the perfect balance between high-quality spirits and fresh fruits or vegetables from surrounding gardens (healthy).

Sami Fathallah, food- & beverage manager and cocktail expert

Hotel Bornmühle

The hotspot for connoisseurs.

If you are a lover of delicate cocktails and special gin creations, you should have a look at our bar menu with its extraordinary Signature Drinks, including preparation hints and history of the cocktails’ origin. Another highlight are the revolutionary gin, whiskey, wine or beer tastings.

Opening hours:
Daily from 5 p.m.

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